Thriller Movies

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  The Candy Snatchers   Two idiots and their evil girlfriend decide to kidnap a young heiress and hold her hostage for ransom. Of coure their "simple plan" gets all screwed up when a young autistic boy witnesses the crime and then, everything gets crazy. TheCandySnatchers
  Kill Cruise   A dejected and drunken skipper agrees to take two attractive women to Barbados in his sailboat. Jealousy, deceit, and murder is what this cruise is all about when each traveler discovers eachothers secrets. Who will survive the 4 week trip to the West Indies? KillCruise_x264
    13 Frightened Girls It's Daughters Day at the London Embassy for foreign diplomats and it's all fun and games till a dead body shows up in the freezer. Then the real fun begins. 13FrightenedGirls_x264
Circus of Horrors


A plastic surgeon that is on the run from authorities in England seeks refuge in France by working at a circus. It isn't long before his special talents of transforming disfigured women into circus hotties gets him into more trouble when the girls start dying.

The Pyx


A police detetective invetigating a dead prostitute finds chilling clues that lead to a satanic cult's devilish activities. Parental guidance strongly suggested.

A Bay of Blood


A wealthy countess is murdered and the body count begins to rise as the heirs get down and dirty to claim the fortune. The pile of bloodied corpses is going to get higher and higher as each one of the mangled victims are hung, speared, stabbed and macheted.

Devil in the Dark        



Infinity Chamber          
Shudder (Can't Take it Back)          


Some hillbillies get off on terrorizing wayward campers in this edgy slasher flic. Worth the watch because the real fun is in the last quarter of the movie.

The Initiation of Sarah


A withdrawn young girl joins an unpopular sorority in college. It turns out she has psychic and telekinetic powers, and she uses them against a rival sorority.



A serial killer who murders children. The police are doing everything they can without much success. The rest of the criminals are also looking for him because their business is threatened by the constant police presence. The whole city is looking for the sick killer but can they catch him?

The Tomb of Ligeia


Vincent Price stars in this Edgar Allan Poe classic. Price plays the part of Verden Fell, a distraught man who's first wife (Ligeia) has recently died and is haunting him while he tries to move forward with his new wife, Lady Rowena. If you know anything about Edgar Allan Poe, you know this won't go well. Great drama/horror/romance/thriller movie that you won't regret watching.