Tahoe Yak Fisher

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Nov 12, 2018


Mark takes his kayak out to Fallen Leaf Lake in the Tahoe Basin and catches a nice Cutthroat Trout with a jigging spoon lure. As usual, he releases his catch back into the water to let it live another day.

Nov 10, 2018


Mark nets a beautiful Mackinaw out of Lake Tahoe. You can see the smoke in the background that has been blowing in the basin from the Chico forest fires.

Sep 10, 2018


Another successful fishing day, catching a nice Mackinaw out of Lake Tahoe.

Kayak Description


Mark gives his loyal viewers an itemized breakdown of his custom built kayak and how he has set it up. This a wonderful description of how he has transformed his kayak into the lean, mean, fishing machine that it is today.

Catching Kokanee

Sep 3, 2018


E-kayak, second Kokanee of the day but forgot to turn on the mic. for the first one.

Big Mackinaw

June 25, 2018


Gets a big ol' Mackinaw out of Lake Tahoe on this gorgeous day. Lake Tahoe is set in a prestine location in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range and is as close to Heaven as you could get on this planet.

Very Nice Fish

April 30, 2017


Kayak fishing Lake Tahoe, VERY NICE FISH!!! Biggest Mackinaw I have ever caught 'Topline Trolling'.