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A Christmas Without Snow


Zoe Jensen (Michael Learned) sadly leaves her son with his grandmother in Omaha, Nebraska and travels to the west coast (San Francisco) to begin a new life in the hopes of moving on from her divorce. She joins a church choir and makes preperations to have the ability to bring her son to join her.

The New Adventures of Heidi


Heidi's Grandfather sends her to New York to live with relatives when he discovers that he is losing his eye-sight. There she befriends a girl named Elizabeth and spends a warm Christmas with her new friends.

Happy Go Lovely


A wealthy business man falls in love with an attractive show girl and becomes much happier for it. Great musical numbers, dancing, shows and comedy. Worth the watch and it stars David Niven.

Pied Piper of Hamelin


A family fun musical about a town that is overrun with rats and hires a man who plays a magical flute to rid them of their rodent problem with a payment of gold. Unfortunately the town's mayor has other ideas and has no intention of paying for the service.

A Swingin' Summer



In Raquel Welch's movie debut a group of teenyboppers attempt to earn cash by working at a lakeside resort and attracting guests with Rock-n-Roll music. A fun comedy with a beach party attmosphere.